Communications – Calls to Action

Plan for the Future

Plan for the Future

I was attending the International Water Conference this past week and there was much useful information on the situation of water in the world – groundwater, access to water, water infrastructure, conflicts over water. Attendees were international delegates from governments, academic institutions, scientists and NGOs involved with water.

At so many of the sessions the information was vital and timely – and needs to be known by the policy makers and citizens. How does this happen? The message needs to be communicated in formats and in language that is understood and has not just an intellectual impact but also an emotional and immediate impact. There needs to be included “Calls To Action” that give people things they can do to be involved and to make a difference.

This same challenge exists for any nonprofits and social action projects that want to get the word out to raise awareness, to motivate, to promote a cause, to build momentum, to get people on board, to raise funds to support a cause, to get people to volunteer, to engage people as activists, to educate and inform, to inform the press and media and politicians, policy makers, citizens and children.

There are 2 great methods that we have to make this happen.
The Internet – including website, email, and social networking and building traffic and interaction.
Film and media – which can show vivid stories and illustrate a situation with its challenges and move people to action.

Both of these are inter-related. Films are not accessible via the Internet and can reach a broad global audience and are an essential method for bringing a problem to view with a lot of impact. Look at your communications strategy and evaluate it to see that it has a strong “Call to Action” and that it speaks to your stakeholders and target audiences.

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