Videos – Important for your organization?

Video as a means of presenting your organization have become increasingly important.  This was always an effective method of presenting a message but in the past it was limited to specific occassions or limited audience presentations.

Now however video has become mainstream and is an effective part of the marketing mix.  Videos now can be used to reach out to a broad audience.  If you want to educate, inform, activate, promote your cause – videos are now a mainstream method for helping you do that.

Peering into 2009: 10 Predictions for Online Video – This has some interesting insights on past and upcoming scenarios for video — So, what’s in store for web video in 2009? Here are ten things that you can expect to see over the next twelve months.

See more examples of how organizations have used video.

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2 Responses to Videos – Important for your organization?

  1. Linda says:

    So that’s a little bit of a challenge for nonprofit groups just trying to get their feet wet in video content for the web, isn’t it? Sounds to me as if web video being mainstream, means a more commercial environment, which seems to mean a place more difficult for a low (or no!) budget group to break into.

    Thanks for the entry. I’m committed to learning more and bringing a couple of local nonprofits along as I go. I’m not a “natural” at web content, I’m afraid, so I am looking for as much help as I can find!!

  2. Denise says:

    Hello Linda – The video blog is really about 2 points –

    1 – videos are a powerful way to present a story. They let the viewer get an up front view of the people, happenings, issues and the organization. Sometimes there is a powerful spokesperson for the organization – it lets that person get their message out directly without a barrier.

    2 – the second point is that after an organization does have a video – there are multiple ways that it can be used. It is important to maximize the usage – and this is the point where the web comes in. The internet now provides so many avenues to get the video out – and this can help build interest, audience, participation and involvement.

    Hope that clarifies. Thanks

    Denise Davies

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