Articles as part of your marketing mix

Articles are an excellent addition to your marketing mix.

They provide information to people that are searching on the Internet for a solution to their problems and answer to their questions.

From your point of view – articles have a lot of positives

  • You build your credibility with a wide base of people interested in your topic
  • Articles have a very long “life” on the Internet.  You will get people following up on links in an article years after you have written it.
  • There are multiple places that you can submit your articles at little or no cost.
  • The time invested in writing an article is time well spent.  You can also collaborate with people who specialize in writing high quality articles for you.
  • Links on the article or in your bio / resource box lead people to your website, blog or specific programs and services — these provide Inbound Links that are high quality links to your website and improve your search engine placement.

Ezine Articles is a good site to start with – – You can setup a free member account and have multiple resource boxes that you setup and select from to be placed at the bottom of your article. It does take about 7 days for your articles to be reviewed and accepted or comments on what you need to edit before they are published. If you upgrade to their Premiere membership you can soeed up the process. They have graphical reports to see activity and links out.

You can see my ezine page at

Denise Davies, Basic Author


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Internet and media strategies for nonprofits, film, travel writing and photography
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6 Responses to Articles as part of your marketing mix

  1. this site will be a good article and very intersting for me

  2. This is very hot information. I think I’ll share it on Delicious.

  3. Almost Free Money – For all the struggling Non-profits out there, I had a little idea while thinking out of the box. I am a former board member from Dress For Success. My new job is marketing for an internet company and I have pitched an idea to my boss who is a giving person, but also a business man. I would love to buy advertising on non-profit web sites. I have an advertising budget and my hopes was to advertise somewhere where the money would do some good. Everyone wins right? Our websites which we are promoting are education based websites….for internet ed. Please pass the word along to anyone who may be interested. I will also post my number in case anyone would like to chat/brainstorm with me. 808-443-3810

  4. Nice post. Good information. How do I sign up for your RSS feed? Appreciate any help, I’m kind of new to all of this Internet stuff…Thanks…

    • Denise says:

      Hello – Happy to hear you find the posts useful. For the RSS feeds there are a couple of ways to sign up
      – At the top of the page there is a small icon and the word POSTS – or COMMENTS — click on that to sign up for the blog posts
      – On the RIGHT column – there is a link for “Email Subscription” – if you would like to receive an email when there is a new post
      – On the RIGHT column – there is “My RSS Posts” and also “Sign up for Posts” == all these would sign you up for an RSS feed.

      Hope this helps.
      All the best

      PSS = would be interested to learn about your “contentwriterguide”

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