Global Online Fundraising Conference

Online webinars are a very cost effective way of attending seminars, and learning something new.  Webinars let you build your knowledge and network without the expense of travel.

Here is an overview of an upcoming conference that looks valuable for anyone interested in fundraising. See the full details on The Resource Alliance website

The IFC Online is the world’s first global, virtual fundraising conference. Taking place completely over the internet, the event will deliver three days of live, interactive, workshops and plenaries to a world-wide audience of fundraisers.

Featuring an incredible line-up of expert speakers in the field of new media fundraising, the IFC Online is a must for anyone interested in raising funds online and building constituency through email, SMS and Web 2.0.

During IFC Online, our presenters will not only share online teaching and learning techniques, but facilitate a lively dialogue with a community of participants. The result: the sharing of practical ideas that each participant can immediately integrate into their fundraising strategy, and an instant network of peers that serves as an ongoing resource to all members of the IFC Online community.

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