Maximizing your web content

Maximizing Content

Maximizing Content

One of the things that I find helpful in creating new content is to listen and look at the comments and questions that people ask you about their website.  A big question is about content and time.  It takes time to write a new blog, or add new content to your website.  There are some ways that will help you to maximize your time and effort and get the most visibility for your thoughts and ideas.

 A few content areas that you may be using include:

  • Your website
  • Email Newlsetter
  • Blog
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIN
  • Twitter
  • Articles

Here are a few suggestions on maximizing your efforts:

  • Use your blog to write about topics of interest to your clients and prospects
  • On your blog add a “SHARE” button that makes it easy for readers to post something of interest on their own social networks
  • Add a “FEED” from your blog to your website. 
  • In Facebook – setup a “Networked Blogs” in the Facebook Applications – register your blog and in the setup area set it to pull new postings from your blog onto your Facebook page.  You can invite your Facebook friends to sign up to receive notices and you can send out messages to those signed up.
  • Setup your Twitter account to pull new postings from your blog.
  • Add the “BLOG” app to your LinkedIN profile.  Then register your blog – this will pull your posting and display it in your LinkedIN profile
  • When you are writing your email newsletter – look at your blog and identify topics you might want to include in the newsletter – then give exerpts and links back to your blog to read the full posting.
  • Review your blog postings when you write your articles for ezine Articles or other article posting sites. 

These are just a few suggestions for maximizing the reach and value of your content.  Feel free to send any other suggestions.

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