Integrating Facebook with your Website

Putting the pieces together

Putting the pieces together

Your website is your core information hub on the internet.  It is structured, has a menu and you own the domain.

I have talked about how and why to setup a Facebook Page in other postings.

Facebook is more fluid and it is great for posting announcements on your company Facebook page.

Here are a couple of tips for integrating your Facebook business page with your website.  The advantage is that whenever you make a posting on your Facebook page – it automatically shows up on your web page.

  1. Go to your facebook page.  You must be an administrator of the page to do the following steps
  2. Click on “Edit page” – the link is on the top left of your page
  3. Scroll down and on the right hand side you will see “Promote with a Like Box”
  4. Use the different options and select if you want to show
    1. First fill in your page ID — this is the number that you see in your URL or click the “?” if you need help
    2. Width – change the width to look best on your web page.  You might have to try a couple of different widths and also talk to your webmaster about what width would look best
    3. Connections – these are the images of people who “like” your page.  Select the number you want to show or “0” if you don’t want to show any
    4. Steam – these are the POSTINGS on the your Facebook page. Click the check box to show the postings.
    5. Show header – This adds the “Find us on Facebook”
  5. Click on the “Get Code”.  Copy both of the code options and send to your webmaster.  You can add these on your home page or any of the inside pages.


Both of these examples show a “LIKE” box on the home page.  They encourage people to “LIKE” your Facebook page, grow the number of followers and interaction, and show new and updated content directly on your website.

Denise Davies is an Internet and media consultant with Aleph Consulting.  She works with nonprofit organizations and small businesses to maximize their effective use of the Internet to build their organization and achieve their objectives.  If you have questions or would like to learn more contact by email at

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Internet and media strategies for nonprofits, film, travel writing and photography
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  1. 花蓮民宿 says:

    It’s good way to bring new reader from fb to blog.

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