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Website + Social Media for Building Traffic

Your own WEB consists of multiple internet based tools and publishing areas. Each contributes to building traffic, interactivity, collaboration and network building. See diagram and explanation Continue reading

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Integrating Facebook with your Website

Step by step tips for integrating Facebook with your website using a “LIKE” box. Maximize your Facebook interactions by showing them on your website. Continue reading

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Your website backbone

Your website should be organized to make it easy for visitors to your site to find what they are looking for. Perhaps you started out with a simple website – but as time goes on you have needed to add new information and sometimes this leads to a lack of structure. Make a meaningful menu and some navigation aids. Continue reading

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Photo Galleries For Your Website Using Picasa

Steps to add photo galleries to your website using Picasa. Continue reading

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Selling your Products Online – Questions for your Planning

Questions to consider when planning to sell products online. Here are some things to consider when deciding what method would work best for you. Types of products; Types of payments; Fulfillment and delivery, shipping. Continue reading

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